Double blessing








Today, this means:

Less phone time

Less TV

More conversation

More laughter

More stories

Singing along

Taking that nap

Talking with Him

Learning to love and be loved.

You meet in a crowded hall, or a young class filled with ‘terrified but trying to look brave’ first years. 

You say hi, or you simply smile, or ask a question, or give a compliment, or share a pen and just like that you become friends. 

You see each other through assignments, bullies, finding talents, exploring talents, different tryouts,  festivals, losses, triumphs, crises, first loves, first heartbreaks, birthing new dreams and eventually the uncertainties that come with endings. You promise, with all the intention of keeping it, to stay in touch. To call. To text. You plan to visit. Perhaps you give a timeline within which you MUST get in touch.  You plan to know the dailies. 

Life happens. You learn to chase dreams. Your own. You learn to stand on your ideas, your convictions. You learn to unlearn. You learn to be deliberate about relationships. Yes, intentional about friends. You learn that as much as you would like, you cannot keep them all. You learn that some feel like the years were only a few minutes, from “Hello”. You learn that some simmered down and need work.  And as the years faithfully teach you, you also learn that some end because they must. 

You make new friends. 

The cycle continues. 

However, as the years go by, you learn to love the ones you are with in the small and the mundane. You learn to say, “thank you” “you are a wonderful, loving person” “you are beautiful” “you sound amazing” “I am sorry” “Let’s do it!” “I’ll miss you” “Let’s pray about it” “What can I do?” “You will be okay” “This doesn’t last” “Thank you for staying” “Thank you for reading” “Thank you for listening” and “I love you”.

You learn that what matters, what lasts, and what lingers is also in the mundane. You learn to choose to remember them. You learn to look past mistakes. You learn to love, and to be loved. 

Thank you for reading. 


IMG_20161229_120313_463.JPGI wake up, remember to give thanks, seek Him and commit my day to Him.

Remember to, and intentionally love and obey Him from what I read in the morning. What I read before. What He has put in my heart.

Get everywhere I intend to be, on time.

Show love, even to the person that does their best to annoy, or to hurt.

Give 100% to every project, every line, every sentence, every song, every conversation, every -I love you-.

Give my mind, my heart to their meanings.

Forgive more easily, and truly forget, both literally and figuratively.

Remember the birthdays and anniversaries.

Remember to return the call.
Call an old friend.
Draw an acquaintance closer.

Remember to be kind.

Refuse to complain.

See the opportunity in every day.

Be fearless

Learn something new.

Read a few pages, or a lot of pages.





Give thanks.

Be second. Or third, or fourth.

Never, never first.

Be His, before I am mine.




Thank you
For the hours
For the conversations
For the encouragement

Thank you
For the concern
For the shoulder
For the steps

Thank you
For remembering
For lending your voice
For minding

Thank you
For your words
For their words
For all the laughter

Thank you
For grace
For love
For kindness

Thank you,
For loving me.

Seven, and now…

I remember how much I prayed for friends. Good ones. If only one. Someone kind and thoughtful. Someone who saw the world outside of themselves. Someone who was not loud- I did not like loud. Someone who, we would not need words to communicate. Someone like me, though different from me. Someone I could share secrets with. Someone I could invite home for an episode of ‘Beast Wars’, ‘Gargoyles’or ‘Mighty Ducks’. Someone,outside of my family,who would play ‘Dangerous Dave’ with me.

I was seven. (See the me, me, me?)

I have that friend now. Those friends.

He gave them to me, beyond what I asked. People that amaze me with how big their hearts are, how much love they give to others-to me. People who truly see the world outside of themselves and try to make it better, one person at a time. People who are loud in the way they strive for the things that set their souls on fire. People who are nothing like me, people who are like me. People who love without expectation. People who were with me for a season-and imprinted on my heart. People who have been with me for what feels like a lifetime.
I hope I was, and have been to them, what they have been to me.


We’d rather not…
Not say the words we know would hurt another person.
Not do the things we know would hurt another person.
Not hurt someone in that special way we know would really break their heart, if only to make a point.
Not take people for granted, thinking we will apologize later.
Later may not come.
Later may have trivialized the words, or actions.
Later may be tainted with fear.
Or pride. Or justification.
Or a new hurt, or unforgiveness.

But today is as good a day as any, to start.
To love. To forgive.
To overlook. To extend grace.
To listen. To hug.
To share. To laugh.
To help out. To hold a hand.
Today is as good a day as any, to choose love. Love. Love.